Sany’s Eco-friendly Concrete Batching Plant Now Operating in Qatar


Recently, two Sany 180 eco-friendly concrete batching plants have passed their installation and debugging process, thus now are officially operating in Doha Port in Qatar. The statistics indicates that Sany 180 eco-friendly concrete batching plants have even outstripped the standard required by Qatar Doha Harbor Bureau, proving that the Sany batching plant has the full potential to complete with global top brands.
Being the first exported eco-friendly concrete batching plant, Sany 180 concrete batching plant has achieved several innovative breakthroughs in design. And just because of those unique designs, Sany 180 Eco-Batching Plant has won the bid over 11 other concrete machinery manufacturers from UAE and China.
In addition, the successful installation of the batching plant has attracted wide attention from Qatar domestic customers. General Manager of Qatar FBA Batching Plant claimed he was amazed by Sany’s spectacular batching plant after visiting the site. He immediately recommended the board of director to purchase Sany 120 batching plant, concrete pump trucks and so on. Moreover, Director of Al Seal Batching Plant also spoke highly of Sany products.
From 2012 to 2013, Sany 180 batching plant will be employed in the construction of Doha new port, providing 800,000 m3 of concrete. From 2014, Sany 180 batching plant will participate in the construction of Doha Stadium, preparing the infrastructure for 2022 Doha FIFA World Cup.

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