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Tadano’s highest capacity crane: GR-1600XL-2

A new 145t, 61m boom, Tadano rough terrain, claimed as the world’s biggest and furthest reaching, has been launched, aimed at energy users in North America and the Middle East, and the mining sector in South America and Australia.

The three-axle crane, with a six-axle single-cylinder telescoping boom, is aimed at sectors where customers require larger lifting capacities and longer boom lengths, Designated the GR-1600XL-2 in the Americas (for its 160USt capacity) and the GR-1450EX-2 in the rest of the world, the new crane is 60% than Tadano’s previous highest capacity crane.
As well as offering lifting capacity that, Tadano says, outstrips anything else currently available, the crane can reach out to a radius of 67m, with a two-stage bi-fold lattice hydraulic-tilt jib adding almost 18m to the 61m main boom. Self-removable outriggers and counterweight allow the crane to be set up without a support crane.
The three-axle compact carrier is similar in height and width to that on the next biggest crane offered by the Japanese manufacturer, the GR-1000XL-2. the carrier is offered with a cab tilt system, for improved visibility. A fuel monitoring system, Eco-mode, reduce fuel consumption in use, and Tadano’s ‘Postive Control’ system cuts fuel use while the crane is in standby.
The crane comes with Tadano’s Hello-Net remote diagnostics and monitoring system as standard, allowing access to crane data from a computer or mobile device, and giving the manufacturer the ability to offer improved customer service.

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